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Snow days: Help or Hinderance?

February 18, 2015

Much of the USA is covered in snow and ice today.  That seems fitting as it is winter after all.  Yet many are discouraged and disgruntled about this condition, wanting the kids to get back to school and life to get back to normal as  quickly as possible.

That’s sort of like grief isn’t it?  We want things to warm up and get back to normal during a time we’re feeling cold and uncomfortable.  So when we have a snow day, how do we handle it?

Is it a day for you to rest and recuperate from your grief?  Or is it a day of disrupted routine that finds you reflective and sad?

So many of us dislike the silence.  We rush to fill each minute with noise of some kind: television, music, fans, useless conversation so that we can avoid feeling our feelings.  We look to outsiders to distract us and give them the power to delay our grief journey.

What if you could surrender to the silence?  What if you could see it as a friend?  As something that allows you the time and space to practice good self-care and do what you need to do to create an environment that supports you in this crazy journey of moving through loss and change?

I vote for that option.  I hope you do too.

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