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Is This for You?

Is This For You?

I know that I am on purpose when I work and connect with funeral directors, spiritual healers, ministers and chaplains, counselors and therapists who understand the sacred space of connection with their clients and customers and want  to create more of it in their work and their play, but often feel ‘life’ is getting in the way.

Are you struggling with any of the following situations or one that’s similar?

~You can’t get to sleep at night because you’re still thinking about the grieving widow you met after lunch and wondering if you provided enough comfort, enough peace or enough hope?

~You’re sitting with a hurting family yearning to give them more but you feel pulled in a million directions.  After all, there’s a staff meeting at 3 p.m., a youth rally at 4 and a Sunday lesson to start preparing tonight.  Your mind is racing.

~You’ve been working in the field for many years and feel like you should have it all figured out.  You can’t let on that there are lots of times you just walk out to cry quietly in your car because you’re crumbling inside because everyone is counting on you to be a strong leader.

~You’re concerned about your business because in this economy frankly things have been a little “dead” and you’re not sure what to do next; newspaper advertising is so expensive and who wants to listen to a radio spot about death services during their work day?

~You are surrounded by a supportive team but you’re fooling them. They admire your ability to appropriately share your own experience of loss with clients as a means of assuring him or her that he or she is not alone.  They figure your story is helping your client and you at the same time.  You’ve never told them that your loss happened 10 years ago.

You’re ready to break through the feelings and limiting beliefs that hold you back from fully expressing your healing gifts.  I can help you through personal and group coaching, visual mapping for your business goals and with the free resources you’ll find here.  Please visit this site often and see what’s waiting for you.

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