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Grieving the Home Team’s Loss: a glimpse at Life Preservers’ changes

October 19, 2010

High school and college football is a real big deal here in the Missouri Ozarks. It makes life a little easier on Friday nights. For example, if you didn’t get to talk to a key business contact during the week, it’s no problem. Simply track him or her down at his or her child’s ball game on Friday night and still have the conversation you needed to have. Yes, we’re all behind the home teams and enjoy the sport.

Until that team loses a point or the game. Then we shift uncomfortably in our seats, offer up empty platitudes like “hey, they still put out a lot of effort out there”, which is certainly true, but you’d much rather be celebrating with a pitcher of you favorite beverage after the game instead of crying in it, if you know what I mean.

Lately these Friday nights have had me thinking about my own shift as I move from working exclusively with grieving individuals and step into my true purpose: creating a global movement to help professionals help others in transforming grief into a life-giving experience. That’s what I was doing with my individual clients with much success, but God has guided me to expand to work with those who have an even greater network of customers and clients so that the message can move faster through the Universe. And I don’t like to say “no” to the Big Guy.

So I will move forward with saying “yes” to my purpose and my passion for changing how we see death and how we respond. I hope that you will join me on the journey; it’s already been a ride.

If you are one of the hundreds on my current mailing list, you’ll notice the changes over the coming months. You may decide this new focus is not in alignment with your needs and decide to leave the list. If this happens, I will let you go with my love and blessings…something I could not have so easily done before I really listened to my calling! If you decide to stick around just to see if there is indeed a winning touchdown and to continue cheering the Life Preservers team on, I’d love to have you with me as we create and grow this movement together.

Either way, we’ve both learned a lot from each other about healing the heart, loving no matter what and celebrating the life of our deceased loved one. To me, that’s been a whole experience made up of great team players, cheerleaders, and an open playing field.

Now it’s time to kick off the next chapter of caring.

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