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About Ann

About Ann

As my mom’s primary caregiver, no one had talked with me about support groups, social workers or resources for me.

Everyone was focused on Mom’s care and comfort, which of course was how I wanted it to be.

All I remember is the state of mental and physical exhaustion I was in.  Doctor appointments, trips to the pharmacy and standing over the Xerox machine at the library helping Mom copy page after page of insurance information, had taken its toll.

You would think this would have been familiar; my dad had died when I was eight years old, and both of my grandfathers and one grandmother were also deceased by the time I was 16.  Death was definitely a part of my life.

Mom’s death in 1987 produced in me a deeper appreciation of life and the beginning of a spiritual journey that allowed me to grow, shift my beliefs about death, and ultimately have the chance to meet you here today.

I am honored to do so, for I know the world is ready for the message you and I have to share.  You are exactly in your right place and this is now your time to focus, grow and move forward with your message.

The information you find here will help you express your authentic self with grace, hope and gratitude.

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